A: #BADASSBOOTCAMP is a wellness brand for WOMEN, CREATIVES, AND ENTREPRENEURS. We focus on inspiring a balanced lifestyle and provide tool sharing spaces to exercise that. We are starting a personalized monthly box for our members to promote brands that align with our mission. We provide pop up events, monthly workshop, a newsletter, and a great network of BADASS women from multiple industries. We are also starting a personalized monthly box for our members to promote brands that align with our mission.

Q: Is it about working out?

A: Though fitness is a big part of wellness, BADASS BOOTCAMP more primarily focuses on mental health, and an overall balanced lifestyle. We do include a few fitness classes in our workshop series though. Check our Hip Hop 101, and basic fitness! ( make the last line a link to those workshops )

Q: Are you just a pop up or do you have a steady location?

A: Right now we are just a pop up and virtual community. We can't wait to have a location in every major city one day !

Q: How can I run my own workshop with BADASS BOOTCAMP?

A: Email us your idea to TheBadassBootcamp@gmail.com for consideration.

Q: Do you have internships or part time team members ?

A: Yes we do. We are currently looking for a graphic designers, event coordinators, and admin assistant. Hit the contact page to submit your resume!

Q: What goes on at the pop up?

A: Every season we hit different cities with our BADASS BOOTCAMP POP UP EXPERIENCE! Its for the "on the the go" girl to intentionally stop and take sometime to get inspired, create, reboot, unwind, and get in touch with her inner BADASS. Here's a general breakdown of the day.
NOON: BADASS BOOTCAMP BEGINS (WINE BAR, SWEETS, FOOD WILL BE SERVED ) - live art & body painting will begin
1 to 5P: BEAUTY STUDIO POP UP ( hair, skin, henna, make up) - photo opportunities
There will also be vintage clothing "trade show" AND OTHER VENDERS
7P: FIN.

Q: What's in the box every month?

A: We'll send a personalized selection of items across makeup, skincare, bodycare, haircare, healing, wellness and fragrance categories. we always focus on delivering great value; historically, we have sent 4-6 items per box. plus, you'll get tips and tricks on how to use them!

Q: How do you personalize my box every month?

A: You’re able to take our monthly survey plus hop on a 1 on 1 call with one of our badass wellness advocates. we’ll use the info you share with us about how your feeling to curate your boxes each month!

Q: When will my box ship?

A: Expect your favorite piece of mail - your box! to ship by the 10th of each month. We'll get started on your first box as soon as you take your survey and/or schedule your call, and it'll leave our warehouse within 10 business days.

Want to keep tabs on your box? We'll send you the tracking info via email each month!